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ReachOut365® boasts a feature set that is by-far the best in the industry. We leverage state-of-the-art technology, proprietary logic, and an extremely powerful, yet easy-to-use interface, that enables any employee or member to create and broadcast fully-customized multimedia campaigns, targeted to precisely the correct audiences, in mere minutes. Shown below is a partial list of current features, and we are adding more all the time.

Email & SMS Delivery:

Email & SMS delivery

Our powerful yet user-friendly email editor functions like a standard word processor app, so you can rapidly craft a series of emails, brand and customize, then deliver them to your audience on a schedule of your choosing. The system can seamlessly handle campaigns ranging from hundreds to millions of messages.

Custom Branding:

Fully brandable

With ReachOut365®, your media campaigns fully reflect the power of your brand. You can quickly customize virtually every element of the video player page, including the logo, banner, and uniquely-powerful "content boxes" (which can be displayed directy under the video player section). Simply clicking on a particular area of the Editor screen displays formatting controls for that section.

Managing Recipients:

Managing Recipients

Our system makes it simple to add, delete and manage your Recipients (end-user audience members). You can upload a list, copy & paste it in, or add recipients one at a time. Individual Recipients can exist in as many different "Recipient Lists" and Subscriptions as you need, in order to effectively segment your content as required.

"Bounced" Messages:

Managing bounced messages

To obtain and retain members, associations are always on the lookout for creative ways to bring value. With ReachOut365®, you can offer powerful, valued content to members or donors. This typically includes videos from subject-matter experts, updates about association business, new membership offerings, and stories that members can share about the benefits of membership.


ReachOut365 Subscriptions

Sending out a Subscription (i.e., "campaign") is simple; ReachOut365® walks you creation of each of the "pieces" and preparation for launch to your audiences. Each Subscription has a comprehensive editor screen that shows all components, broken-down by functional sections, so you can rapidly adjust the specifics to meet the needs of each audience.

Custom Content Boxes:

Custom Content Boxes

If desired, the area just below the video player can display up to 3 completely-customizable, expandable "Content Boxes". Using a word processor-like toolbar, you can quickly insert text, images or links to additional information, easily modifiable at any time, and save unique combinations of boxes (called "Content Box Sets") that can be associated with specific e-mails in your campaign.

"Drip" Content:

Drip Content

ReachOut365® provides the opportunity to deliver video content gradually, over time. When a subscription"drips" content, recipients are able to view any videos linked to that particular email/text, as well as any videos previously-delivered. You have complete control over which content can be accessed, when, and by whom.

Custom Schedules:

Unique custom delivery schedules

You can send and deliver subscriptions on whatever timeline suits your requirements for any situation. Choose a preset (e.g., daily, weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.), or create a custom schedule with specific numbers of days between messages. Campaign delivery timing is always under your complete and precise control.

Simultaneous Subscriptions:

Multiple simultaneous subscriptions

It’s not unusual for a company, association or individual to have several different audiences they’d like to reach. ReachOut365® allows you to easily create and deliver multiple unique subscriptions that provide unique content to different audiences. For example, you could create a unique subscription for customers, another for prospects, and yet another for employees, each with audience-specific content and scheduling.

Custom Content:

Uploading Custom Content

Our clients have the ability to rapidly upload custom content which can be assigned to specific emails and delivered on whatever schedule requires. Changing the order of videos is as simple as "drag & drop". The ReachOut365® system makes it easy to create unique "Videos Sets" for different subscriptions aimed at diverse audiences.

"Teaser" Videos:

Teaser videos

Want to "tempt" your audience? Our system allows you to make selected content viewable but not playable (grayed-out). This is great for promotional or demo purposes, to tease potential customers with content that will become available only with a paid subscription.

Linked Content Boxes:

Linked Content Boxes

If desired, the area just below the video player can display up to 3 completely-customizable, expandable "Content Boxes". Using a word processor-like toolbar, you can quickly insert text, images or links to additional information, easily modifiable at any time, and save unique combinations of boxes (called "Content Box Sets") that can be associated with specific e-mails in your campaign.


Pre & Post-Roll Videos

You can easily attach short promotional or branding videos that automatically play before and/or after the main video titles, and swap them out or disable them whenever required. This is often used for ads, promotions or announcements.

Linked Resources:

Resources linked to videos

Easily upload handouts, forms, and other documents or links that become available to your audiences via our "Resources Library" tab, and even link (i.e., associate) them with specific video titles. This is a great way to combine related content.

Unique Expiration:

Unique expiration settings

You can set a Subscription (campaign) to expire after a certain timeframe, choose how many video views each subscriber is allowed, and how many "clicks" they are allowed with each text or email they receive. You have complete control over content access and timing, from start to finish.

Message Timing:

Linear or 'just-in-time' messaging

ReachOut365® has two primary delivery timing modes. You can set them up so that no matter when a new person signs up, they will receive the full series of emails and texts, from beginning to end, for campaigns that are "linear" in nature, where each message builds on the previous one. The other mode is for situations where an organization wants everyone to receive the same message at the same time, which is often used for content that is time-critical or seasonal.

Powerful Statistics:

Powerful built-in analytics

Whether it involves training for managers or supervisors, or marketing to clients or prospects, organizations want to know to what degree the system is being utilized. ReachOut365® provides powerful, real-time statistics that include things like email opens, video views and any links that were clicked. You can view the statistics for any period of time you choose, either globally or by individual Recipient.

Instant Sharing:

Forward to a Friend or Colleague

ReachOut365® makes it simple for your message to get delivered to a broader audience. When "Forward to a Friend" is activated, clicking on the link in the navigation bar opens up a pop-up where the subscriber can write a quick note and share the video link with a peer, co-worker or other interested party.

Help System:

Help system

Although inherently simple to use, our system does have several "moving parts", so we’ve created a powerful Help system that walks you through every aspect of creating and sending out a Subscription. In addition to general help, it provides whitelisting information (to increase the likelihood that emails will get through), along with detailed trouble-shooting tips.

Customer Service:

Customer Service

We work closely with clients to provide whatever level of service they desire. For those that have staff available to manage Subscriptions, we typically conduct initial meetings to walk them through the system, and remain available if questions arise. Others prefer a more "hands-off" approach, and simply "set it and forget it". Accordingly, we offer a full array of "campaign management" services.

The best way to understand how ReachOut365® can completely revolutionize your organization's outreach activities, is to see it in action. Click the button below to request a free, no-obligation online demonstration at your convenience.